Hey Girl Hey!

What was going to start as a personal writing outlet, is now YOUR outlet too.

BeHER'd is about you and for you. It's about those times you just feel like being heard. It's those moments when you realize you just aren't done saying what you had to say or never started but need an outlet. It's about what matters to you. Most importantly I want beHER'd to be a collective of women sharing what they want to share in a safe space when they just need to get something off their chest. Having a bad day or great day, trust us... you are not alone in your feelings or experiences and sometimes we just need to share. Again, we are all HER, because we've probably all been there, done that, felt that, seen that. 

Whether you're single, or if all of your friends are married but let's be honest, sometimes the five minutes that they can lend to you isn't always enough, especially with everything happening now... kids are home, spouses are home, the dogs and cats are like... WTF.. you're all still here (as they give you the side-eye)...they are all home together..and family comes first. I always found that when I write I feel much better, even if no one heard (or read) what I had to say. However, given the current situation, I wanted to create something for others to join in as well, and create a community. 

BeHER'd are those stories or life experiences that shape who we are, create whom we become, and pave the path of our journey. They may seem insignificant to us or maybe it does plays a major role in our lives. It's never just a story, it's deeper...it's a journey and it should be HER'd. 

What will also make this unique is that everyone has the ability to contribute to beHER'd. Whether you're single or married with children and/or everything in between. I want this platform to be things you want to discuss, learn or hear about, OR get off your chest, because, what if you weren't done? You'll be able to vote on topics to discuss and provide your feedback about your interests, also if you want to contribute, by all means, we'll arrange that too. Just reach out to us.

It's important to us that this be a safe outlet for you to be yourself. Like your just chillen with your girls. Consider us your girl squad or tribe. We got you!

In this together!

We believe all women have stories to tell. These stories have the opporutnity to heal, inspire and connect. 


Our Mission

To have open real conversations with women about real topics that matter to them.

Dancing Women

Our Vision

That every woman feels like their voice has been heard, realize they are not alone and we are all connected by our stories and experiences. 

You Deserve to beHER'd