How do you create internal space?

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I've recently gotten into yoga and prior to the Covid shutdowns I was going to yoga 3-4x a week. I never used to like yoga because I felt it was too slow-paced for me. However, I took one hot yoga sculpting glass and I was hooked! After that, I started taking a few more yoga fusion classes as well as pure yoga flow classes.

As I would take these classes, a few things always stood out to me, the teachers always use words such as "practice" and "create space". Not to mention the others in the class were holding what looked like these complex poses and the inversions... people are on their heads!

Yoga teaches you that it's one breath, to one movement. You breathe through the difficult poses and focus on your breath. Where you are in your flexibility today is fine, because it's your own personal practice, you keep up your practice to get better tomorrow and the next day. Your exhaling to create space to get deeper into a stretch. Just when you think you can't bend anymore, you take one last breath, and as you exhale follow the breath down just a little more.

Just like yoga isn't just about inversions and poses, it also, helps you focus on your mental and emotional strength too. Same with getting older is not just about the number, it's about taking everything in, including everything you've gone through good or bad, and creating space mentally and emotinally for the next chapter.

I realized that it's just best that I let go of things I can't control. The more I dwell on situations or the actions of others, it makes it harder to move on. After all, I have no control over that. When I am in a situation that's just time to move on from feeling it's time to move on, I like to start by, reflecting, grabbing a takeaway, and letting go.

Not every situation or experience feels like the best experience. However, regardless if it's good or bad, I try to reflect on everything from beginning to end. Then I try to find at least one thing, it's great if there are more but at least finding one thing that I learned or I was able to take away from the situation or experience, good or bad! Then I do my best to let go. Especially when it comes to dealing with other people.

I feel that if we are no longer dwelling on those things we can't change and remember to put things behind us, it makes it easier for us to create internal space for other things..preferably good to come into our lives. Just like yoga! It doesn't always feel good, but it's helping the body.

I am also happy that even though I haven't been able to get to the gym over the past few months, I've still been practicing and proud to say that I can get into crow pose and hold for about three seconds. I'll just have to keep practicing.

What do you do to create internal space?

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