Is ghosting the new normal?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Please tell me this isn't true!

I would like to think we already have enough going on in 2020, is ghosting another thing we have to worry about too?

The guy I had been talking to for 18 months, and officially dating for six of those months, broke up during these social distancing months.

Well...let me rephrase that. My boyfriend decided that he was going to ghost me. Amazing how you can go from what shall we name our kids to ..."hello"..."hello"...yup, he hung up on me and NEVER called back.

Needless to say, I was certainly taken was certainly shocking! Days later, three texts, an email and a call later (not from him) it was clear it was the end. It went from, I was pretty shocked and while I was trying to wrap my brain around what exactly happened, I remember thinking and feeling, am I the only one? Am I supposed to tell my friends this, or just move forward silently? So many thoughts were going through my head.

About four weeks later, I was talking to a girlfriend and catching up with her, doing our normal girl chat, only for her to tell me the guy she was talking to for a few weeks...yup, you guessed it....ghosted her!

We thought that dating in your late 30s was supposed to get easier and less awkward, but if ghosting is a new trend, girls we have a problem.

After 3 hours of talking to each other, we came up with no real answer other than, it's THEM and NOT us. Sometimes, we don't ever get closure, but the best thing we can do is grow and learn and move on from the situation.

Most importantly, we have to 100% realize, it's not a reflection on us in any way, shape, or form. Besides, if they can't use your words and talk to us, why do we want them anyway?!

Has this ever happened to you?

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