How do you move on and grow from a toxic relationship?

Someone recently came across the website and reached out to me looking for support. With her subject line, "Mental Health", she mentioned that she has been in a "toxic unhealthy relationship for 4 years". She went on to say that she is looking for help to move on and grow and is looking to be around women who have been through the same thing.

This person is not a member, but I thought I would get the conversation going. If she joins she will be able to see it but it could also be helpful for anyone.

While I don't have the best relationships, thinking back I can't say that I have endured a toxic relationship. My relationship issues have been more about compatibility or not being on the same page with the future or values.

The closest I can say that I have come to toxicity in a relationship was during the breakup process and/or it was the reason why we are breaking up, such as cheating for example which leads to lack of trust. I would say that if toxicity came into my relationships it was never really during or anything I had to endure for a lengthy period of time. It would always be the end, and really I can only say that for one relationship.

I do however have girlfriends that would certainly classify some of their past relationships as toxic. Some of them prior to me knowing them and some during our friendship, but it was something they actually endured for a period of time. Some of them knowing it was toxic and some not realizing it until much later.

When I think of how they got through it, some of it was time and just getting to their own breaking point. Some of it was determined for them and the decision was made due to actions from the other party. It also seemed like talking through their issues with friends or professional interventions seemed to also help as well.

How about you? Have you been in a toxic relationship? If so, how do you move forward and grow?

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