Not sure, but here goes something.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

It's day 700 of isoquarantine, well that's what it feels like when in actuality it's probably day 100 or 200.

Working from home over the past few months, not having all the social outings I would typically want to do with my friends, really gave me a chance to think.

I've always been a person that likes to write my feelings. It's always been the way that is easy for me to express myself and share my feelings. It's also a very freeing feeling.

Writer I am not, but I do enjoy writing. What I like about writing is it can be done at anytime and alone. Have you ever had an experience where you were chatting with someone maybe it's a friend or family member and maybe the conversation ended on a bad note? I have certainly experienced that and the worst thing is that you don't feel like the conversation was done or there was a lot more to say.

Originally, I was going to just start a digital journal for myself. A way to consistently use writing as an outlet. Write down my thoughts. Those things that I ponder, after getting a phone with a friend. Daily life situations, experiences and, encounters or interactions. Use the digital journal as a way to get things off my chest.

As I started to work on my personal website, I thought to myself, what if this could serve as more than just my personal outlet. What if I could create a community of women that could come together and have an honest girl chat.

Whether you have tons of friends, are single, married, kids, no kids... let's face it, we all have things to say and one thing I have noticed as women, while our stories and backgrounds may be different, our stories make us who we are, and have the ability to connect you others, even if you've shared the same expereinces or not.

I've also come to the conclusion that, when it feels like you are the only one who has gone through a situation and you find someone who has had a similar experiences it give you a chance to grow, heal, or learn.

Not all the time the person on the other is available or continue the conversation is not always an option. I have found that in those situations, I turned to write. It's not always about a situation involving another person, but even for self-reflection, I tend to turn to write. Writing is a very therapeutic remedy for me.

The thing that is important is that we continue to connect with people. While this was just going to be my daily thoughts, I thought, why not let other women join in on the conversations that don't rely on celebrities starting but just like your everyday girlfriend chat.

Who knows where this will go. Some days there could be more serious topics and realities and sometimes things could just be really lighthearted. My friends, tell me I am funny...I mean I also, think I'm funny but we shall see how the reads... literally online.

Looking forward to chatting.