What's your feel-good purchase?

Okay, this is kind of random but I can't imagine its just me...and my friend. LOL. Here goes.

The other day, I had a "now what?" moment and decided that I wanted new underwear. The fact that I had also received an email from Victoria Secret about their semi-annual sale helped or didn't help the situation too...depends on how you look at it.

I went through their website, combed the panties and bra section and five panties, three bras and, one sleep shirt later, I placed my order. By the way, I don't think I have ever bought a sleep shirt before, but it was on sale and looked comfy.

Since there are delays in shipping, this shipment seemed to take SOOOOOO long. Finally, it arrived.

I grabbed my package out of my mailbox, came inside tore it open the package like a child waiting for a new toy, and took out my new goodies. Then it happened...again. The excitement. The oh-la-la feeling. All this for underwear? Forget about the sleep shirt.

So, I text a girlfriend of mine and asked her" is it just me, or does buying new underwear make you feel good" her response...."SOO GOOD". I guess it's not just me, but at least now I know it's at least one of my friends.

Now, there are times, I'll joke around and say, it's an age thing. Similar to when a coworker recently said she is excited she got her new shower curtain. So, I said to her, isn't it funny when you get older the things that bring us pleasure?? No judgment, sometimes it's the simple pleasures in life...LOL. Well, in all honesty, the shower curtain was the final touch to her new decor. So, I'd be pretty excited about that too.

However, this isn't that, it has nothing to do with age because I feel like for as long as I can remember buying new underwear has definitely given me the feels. You know, that combination of so many feelings: happy, sexy, renewed, excited...all good feelings.

Maybe it's the idea of who may see them? Maybe how they look and feel on? Maybe it's simply the idea of getting something new? Maybe it's all of those things. Whatever it is...I like it! It's such a feel-good purchase for me.

Isn't it the best when it's the little things that can have the biggest impact and have a way of brightening up your day and in some cases lifting your spirits.

How about you? What's your simple feel-good purchase? Bras and panties? Shower curtains? lol. Can't wait to chat about this one.

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