What would your life reboot look like?

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Why is it that when technology starts acting up, when the circle of nothing just keeps spinning, things are running slower than normal or when thing just get hung up or stuck, the first thing any customer service rep or IT person will say is, unplug it for 5 minutes, or simply reboot.

Well, why aren't the same instructions ever provided for life? You may get the occasional advice from someone that suggest a recharge, or their other unsolicited advice such as "maybe you need some R&R", but you do all that to come back to what? The same circle of nothing or sameness at some point? 🙄 Yeah exactly! That's why I'm opting for Life Reboot. What exactly is that? Well, I'm not sure what that looks like for everyone but if I had to sum it up, I would say it's more than just a time out period of 5 minutes of recharging, more than a weekend of a spa or girls weekend. It's getting as close to a life re-do that you possibly can in your own life, on your own terms. When you start to do a deep dive into your life it's looking at what needs to be unplugged for longer than 5 minutes and deciding to just do it.

When all else fails...life reboot!

In addition to the growing list of things that I have learned during the pandemic is that I no longer want to be in the same circle of nothing or sameness. Just constantly spinning to only eventually get out of it to end up back in it at some point when that reboot expires. Whether it's work, friendships and not to mention or to really even go there right now, RELATIONSHIPS 🤢. Yes, that sometimes dreadful word..., but I will save that for another topic.

How many times have you heard people say to you, or maybe you've even said it yourself wishing you could start over with the knowledge you have now. Or most commonly heard...

"if I only knew then what I know now" 🤦🏾‍♀️

I realized I was saying that quite often and this time I decided to do something about the things I have control over. As cliche as it sounds, I decided to control my own destiny.

One thing I have always realized about my personal life, especially after college is that my personal life is very slow to change. Which is good on most fronts. I don't live a drama filled life, it's pretty status quo but then on the other side... it's pretty status quo 😳. If you ask me in a year or more about what I have been up to since the last time we spoke, more than likely I will tell you "oh nothing" (oh I started this website, but it's not like I'm telling everyone that), or I may talk about work and honestly, that's about it. For a long time I was telling people I did Tough Mudder...but then I realized that was over 8 YEARS AGO. Okay, so I bought a condo, again that was 8 years ago. Yes, I've travelled to almost half the states and do yearly international trips, but a lot of those trips were work trips and honestly just going through the motions. Again, is my life horrible? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I am beyond grateful for everything I have and have accomplished so far and can't wait to see what is next. But that's where the life reboot comes in, I no longer just want to sit back and wait and see, I want to reboot, with everything I know now.

Two years prior to the pandemic I would always wish that I could just travel more and not have to worry about sitting a desk five days a week or financially be able to do longer or more trips. Well, two months ago I had an epiphany one day, I started thinking of the things that hold me back from doing the things I really want to do and they always boil down to the same two things, money and work.

While, the pandemic is a very sad I found that there is a little bit of good that came out of it and for everyone it will be something different. For me, one of those things was my dream came true with being able to work from home full time since the 2nd week of March 2020. While there are talks of going back I still have a little more time. I was dating someone for a few months but that ended and I realized that yet again, he will move on (and let's be honest I will...did too 😉) and things for me will continue to remain status quo, no drama, just going through the day to day life nothing terribly exciting. But I started thinking about it, and decided I just want to do something different. Enough of the same circle of nothing.

So, this is where my Life Reboot comes in. For starters, I made the decision to let go of my condo (temporarily). I know the real estate market is really hot right now but I wasn't ready to sell it, so instead I decided to rent it. I stored most of my belongs and packed all