When given an option, should we always choose what makes us happy?

I got a call from one of my best girlfriends. I've known her now for almost 15 years now. About a year ago she was lucky to land the exact job she wanted after working in a horrible situation.

Her ideal situation was to land a job that is 100% remote job and she was no longer interested in managing people. She has done that her whole 20+ working career and she just wanted a change of pace, including less stress.

The person she currently reports to, so basically her manager the Director, informed her that she is leaving the company in a few weeks to pursue a dream of hers. The conversation was followed by genuine niceties. One of which was her manager asking her if she would be interested in taking the Director position.

My friend's immediate reaction was "no" and reminded her boss, that was one of the reasons she took the job offer less than a year ago, was that she wouldn't have to manage people, however, she appreciates the consideration.

Shortly after that, another manager reached out to my friend and asked her the same question which she gave the same response. That individual manager proceeded to tell her they are interested in her and understand and their next choice would be a fellow coworker that was hired after her.

My friend's husband happen to hear the conversation and asked her why she wouldn't take a promotion that would give her a Director title and the pay that comes along with it? Especially if that means she would be promoted after less than a year of being with the company.

My friend didn't need to explain to me her stance, I understand her rationale. She is happy in her position but also torn and concerned it may make her look unmotivated and wondering if she should just suck it up.

Her choices are...

  • Stay exactly where she is at. She likes her job as an Account Manager and has no problem with it. Of course, like any job, there are those days, but she is actually quite happy there.

  • Report to someone who started after her. She doesn't have a problem with this person at all, but does she want to report to someone who started after her? By the way, this person is HIGHLY interested in the position.

  • The wild card, they could hire someone from the outside and this new person could change the whole dynamics of the team.

Should we always choose what makes us happy?

I would lean towards a YES on this one. Especially when you look back at your journey and realize how far you've come. Like I told my girl. Her whole career she's been just "dealing" with the job and always looking for the next. I am sure a lot of people have been there, I know I have...I may or may not be in that situation now (LOL), but this convo isn't about me (LOL).

I'm happy she finally found something she is truly happy at and ultimately it's her decision, but I feel she doesn't have to prove anything or worry about it making her look unmotivated because her resume speaks for itself and that's what got her in the door, her experience and achievements. There is no question that she could do the job.